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An intellectually accomplished professional.

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A Proven Champion!... acclaimed "people's choice" sought-after motivational speaker.

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A champion of VALUES that lead to a healthy, productive and memorable life. Mr. MJ MVP provides contagious energy and customized content that motivates all audiences. Michael "MVP" Jennings is passionate about delivering a unique experience that grabs the audience, youth or training group immediately and engages them towards personal and team oriented peek performance results.

Why book MJ MVP for your next event, project training or special occasion:

           “Michael, as a trainer you delivered results...a sense of made it fun and easy...we think of you as a catalyst that prepared us, professional educators” ...Dr. Sharon Bean-Principal, William Hinton Elementary School." Feb 1998.

DCFS (Dept. of Children and Family Services) & LAWRENCE HALL YOUTH SERVICES -- 2014 Northern Region Youth Summit a big success.

The Keynote speaker, Mr. Michael MVP Jennings … did an outstanding job connecting with our youth and providing encouragement, appreciation of history and entertainment." Holly, Northern Region Transition Services Director / 2014

            "Michael Jennings delivered a wonderful message of inspiration to our senior class of teenage honor students....challenging them.....with a vision to lead" Michael Cicirale, DECA Coordinator, Hillcrest High School (2011) 

                                     "Mr HALL of FAME MICHAEL JENNINGS is Electric! Empowering! extremely informative and impacting...a very strong captivating speaker with a relevant message" says Gregory Evans, CEO, AEG Distributions, LLC 2012

                      "Michael Jennings a gifted Speaker and TV Show Host, with dynamic energy, fired up and ready to go!, and inspiration to your audiences." Nina Sinclair-Burns, Accomplished Professional Theatrical Playwright, "Love, Life & Laughter", --- CEO, Human Resources Career Academy - 2012

"Michael Jennings, spoke with passion, purpose ... infectious energy!..."  @New Beginnings Baptist Church Chicago, Clovis Bordeaux (Retired CPS Music Faculty Educator - 2014)

                          Tinley Park Convention Center, SCORE & SAM's Club presents Spring Training  2016 Business Conference

"Hi Michael! ...I attended the SCORE Spring Training conference in Tinley Park and was super impressed with your presentation. From one speaker to another, I like how you handled the large, early morning crowd... ...And thank you for reminding me of Churchill's "never quit." ... I will never quit because I believe, like you, I have something positive to share with each and every audience I work with. Perhaps we'll meet again along the conference trail.... ....With much appreciation,--~"Richard Oberbruner"

MJ MVP... is the cure for apathy.
"I take my audience on a journey of self-discovery and get everyone to challenge their core thinking, embracing the endless possibilities, creating break-through moments and becoming a CHAMPION of success... end result is that my audience leaves, FIRED-UP and READY TO GO!" Michael Jennings has the audacity to DREAM BIGGER by inspiring, coaching and helping others achieve success, by getting more from life than you expected, empowering you to Believe!... YOU are a CHAMPION!!!

Michael is "MR. "MVP" hence his moniker "Making Values Priority"


Motivational Speaker at SCORE - Chicago


500 WEST MADISON, Chicago, Illinois

Dec. 15, 2016 / RSVP to Mercedes at 1 (312) 353-4540



Inducted AGAIN !

2nd Sports Hall of Fame

College Football

Hall of Fame


Athletic Hall of Fame

October 14, 2016

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"Road to the HALL OF FAME..."

A quiet look into the journey of an American athlete's hard work, joys, pains, humor, and triumphant victories on the road to an epic moment! ......
A sports-education anthology
of metaphors reflecting true life experiences.

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MJ MVP Certified Sports Coach